Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fire Pit!

We have the hardest time getting grass to grow so we decided to add a patio and fire pit to reduce some of the area we have to fight the crappy soil in our yard.  Of course, our resident handyman, Dave, did all the work.  I am way behind on my blog, so even though I wrote this in June of 2018, we have actually been enjoying this patio for a year now!  It was built in the Spring of 2017.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Bees Baseball Game

For the past few years, Emery Telcom and treated it's employees to a Salt Lake Bees minor league baseball game.  This year we invited Darin and my mom and dad to come along with us.  Harper was such a good baby and everyone had a great time.  Even though we don't live really close to family, I am really glad that we live close enough to some members to get together and do things like this once in a while.  I like to call this little group the Utah Chapter of the Oberholtzer family!  We end up doing quite a few things together!

Lunatic Triathlon 2017

Haylie participated in the Lunatic Kids Triathlon again this year.  She did a great job and was the first place girl in her age group!  We will see what she does next year since she will be too old to compete in the kids division.  I am proud of her for doing hard things!  She was one tired girl when she finished.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Holes of Arizona Tour

This year, for our Oberholtzer Family Reunion, we all went to Sierra Vista, Arizona, where Melanie and JD live and hosted the reunion.  We decided to drive and see some sites along the way.  We realized at the end of the tour that most of them dealt with holes in the ground in some way so we lovingly call it our Holes of Arizona Tour.  On the first day, we drove from Price to Tuba City, Arizona.  It's the largest city in the Navajo Nation and was a little bit of a culture shock for us.  We learned that the Navajo people are not an a hurry to do anything!  I am actually surprised we aren't still waiting for our breakfast and the restaurant there!!  After a night's stay in Tuba City, we drove the rest of the way to Sierra Vista.  Melanie and JD pulled out all the stop and treated us to a really fun reunion.  On the first day the kids were surprised with a giant blow up water slide.  Everyone had a blast, including the kids at heart!  Then the next days were full of activities around the area. We saw the Bisbee Copper Mine, Kartchner Caverns (both Holes in Arizona), and the Mexican Border as well as the Douglas campus of Cochise College where JD is President.  They have a pilot school program there so the kids fascinated by the planes and flight simulator.  Especially since the next morning JD arranged for a pilot friend to take the kids up in a plane in small groups.  They had a blast!

After the reunion was over, we headed back home by way of the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater...two more Holes of Arizona!  We probably could have skipped the Meteor Crater.  It was the least impressive and the most expensive of all of the Holes.  The kids did great on a VERY long road trip.  Even Harper was a champion road trip baby. I love this time with my extended family.  It's one of my favorite times of year.  I also love making memories with my own little family.
Cool rock formations on the way to Arizona

The rattlesnake that came to join the family reunion!

Giant blow up water slide

Flight simulator

Bisbee Copper Mine Tour

Darin and Yvaine's Birthday party

Getting ready to fly in the plane

Epic Sandboxing!

Meteor Crater

Grand Canyon

Sleepy girl

We got some kicks on route 66

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Haylie finishes 5th grade

I have to admit when Haylie started kindergarten at Castle Heights, I never dreamed that she would still be attending the same school by 5th grade.  That didn't fall into our 5 year plan we had for living in Price (we are going on 9 years now).  It has been a wonderful school for her though and she has had some fantastic teachers.  At the end of 5th grade, the students got to visit JA city.  It's a little mock city on the 4th floor of the discovery museum in downtown Salt Lake City.  Haylie's job in the city was the CEO of Smith's Marketplace.  She had a great time and learned a lot.  Then a few weeks later it was 5th grade graduation.  She was lucky enough to have Mrs. Labrum for 3rd grade and for 5th grade!

Easter 2017

Another fun Easter of Egg and basket hunting as well as cute babies in cute dresses!  I am disappointed that I missed my chance to take a picture of us coloring eggs.  I think we have a picture of that event for several years running now!