Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He finally scoots!

Zander turned 10 months old yesterday. He is a pretty laid back guy. He finally rolled over just before he turned 9 months and now he has finally figured out how to army crawl and actually moves forward. He could only go in reverse for quite awhile. He thought he was pretty cool yesterday...I had him sitting on the floor in the bedroom while I jumped in the shower. When I opened the shower door after my shower there he was in the bathroom with me. He gave me a big old grin, like "look what I did!" He is getting more and more personality every day. He likes baby food less and less and makes you feel guilty with his stare if you are eating anything and not offering some to him, even if he as food on his high chair tray. He loves to have a blanket by his face when he sleeps. Here are a couple of shots of him sleeping with his blanket. I love his fingers poking through the holes of the yellow blanket.

Where's Zander?