Saturday, November 7, 2009


The kids had a great Halloween this year. Haylie is still trying to figure out what the story is with all of the creepy things associated with Halloween. I have answered a million questions about why mummies are all wrapped up, why witches are green and fly on brooms, and why would a walking skeleton be scary. She is such a critical thinker and my lame answers hardly satisfied. We did find time to have some fun and celebrate. We started on Monday night with some pumpkin carving. Haylie designed her pumpkin and was quite proud of it. Zander was just interested in feeling the slimy guts. On the day of Halloween we went with our friends the Bohman's downtown for a Halloween Carnival. They had trick or treating at some of the businesses and then little games for the kids to play. It was a beautiful day and the kids had fun. Zander was not a fan of his lion costume but once the candy started coming he was a bit more forgiving of it. Haylie was a witch. She loved the costume and she even had a scary witch cackle which she informed was to loud to do while she was trick or treating.

In the afternoon, we went to the lamest trunk or treat ever, then did the traditional trick or treating that night. Dave stayed home to man our door and the kids and I went with a couple of girls from the ward with their kids. They had a great time and I look forward to when the kids are a little older and I can just wait on the sidewalk instead of loading and unloading the kids from the wagon at every house! The pictures are out of order but technology hates me tonight so they will have to do for now.

Bring on the candy!

Dave getting ready to vaseline a pumpkin. Supposedly it makes them last longer.

Haylie was very proud of her pumpkin.

Haylie overseeing the carving of her design

On main street in Price.
That was quite a load for one wagon!