Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Dave

We celebrated Dave's 34th birthday Avengers style! 

Sally Sparkle

I am a little ashamed to admit that I totally jumped on the bandwagon this year and decided to have an elf on the shelf for our kids this year leading up to Christmas.  She is a little doll that supposedly is watching you for Santa.  The story is that the elves go to the North Pole every night to report to Santa and come back every day to keep watch.  We told the kids she can't be touched or she would lose the magic to get back to the North Pole.  Our elf on the shelf was a girl (the only one left at target) and the kids named her Sally Sparkle.  They each picked a name and that is what we came up with.  We made her do some crazy things at night and the kids would wake up each morning and look for what she had done overnight.

Getting in the chocolate chips
Decorating the tree with underwear
Dumping a load of magnetic letters
Turning the milk green
She knows the real reason for Christmas!
This was fun for Dave and me to do for the kids although it got to be a little tricky trying to think of new things for her to do!  Next year we will have to start a little later in the season!

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 marked the first Christmas spent in our new home.  It was so fun to have room to put up our decorations and even have 2 Christmas trees!  I keep having moments where I feel more and more like my mom.  This time it was because I made the downstairs tree have all the mismatched homemade ornaments on it and the upstairs tree had matching ornaments and was a little more fancy.  That's the way we always did it growing up.  Now hopefully I can create the same kinds of wonderful memories for my kids that my parents did for me.  We enjoyed Christmas Eve dinner, read the Christmas story from the bible and opened the traditional Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Santa brought the kids a trampoline so they had to wait a few months to actually get to use it.  This was kind of a strange Christmas for me because I had to leave late afternoon to head to Salt Lake City.  I had to fly out early the next morning for my niece, Janelle's, wedding.  The weather was iffy so I decided to play it safe and stay at my brother Darin's house in the Salt Lake area instead of risking driving the canyon in the wee hours of the morning.  When I got back all the new toys were put away and even six months later when I am cleaning I come across things that I didn't even know we had since I was gone when it was taken out of the package.  All in all a great Christmas with my cute little family.  Love being with them so much!
Decorating the upstairs tree

First view of Christmas morning

Christmas Pajamas

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Haylie's 7th Birthday

Haylie celebrated her 7th birthday on December 1st.  She has always been one to really get into the actually party, and the planning for it.  She loves a good theme party and this year she chose to have a Rio party from the Dreamworks movie that came out a while back.  It was difficult finding things for it so we went mostly tropical.  It turned out great and we had fun even with 9 six and seven year old girls running around. I can't believe that I have a seven year old.  She is growing up in to such a sweet and funny girl.
Haylie wanted brownie and ice cream cupcakes.  They ended up a little messy.

Friday, July 12, 2013


We have made a bit of a tradition of going to my parents house for Thanksgiving, especially since we have moved to Price and have a pretty easy drive to get there.  This year we got to spend the holiday with my parents Mel and Irene, my brother Darin, my sister Alyson and her family, and my niece Janelle and her then fiance Heath.  We had a good time spending time together and enjoying one another's company.  We also enjoyed tons of delicious food.  So much comfort food!!  We were also starting to create a book for my mom for her 70th birthday which led to a late night with Alyson and I have way too much fun with the photobooth feature on my iPad  I love my family so much and love having the opportunity to get to know them better and to let my kids get to know them too.
Dad making the traditional Sunday night popcorn.


This year Haylie was a bat for Halloween and Zander was Mario.  We had many opportunities to celebrate including the ward carnival and trunk or treat and the school carnival.  Zander and Dave had a battle of the wills on Halloween night.  Zander refused to eat dinner and Dave told him he couldn't go trick or treating unless he ate it.  Zander chose to not eat dinner and not go trick or treating.  Kind of a bummer but one of those things that comes with parenting I suppose. I think I was more upset than he was about him not getting to go.