Sunday, October 23, 2016


This will be the last time I get to post before the arrival of our baby girl!  I felt pretty sick throughout the first trimester, but have felt pretty good otherwise besides the usually aches and pains associated with pregnancy.  She was even head down and ready to go until sometime during the 36th week, when she decided to flip around and be breech!  I have tried all kinds of exercises and even acupuncture to see if she will flip back around but so far no luck.  I will go in to the doctor on Tuesday for my regular appointment, and then the plan is to either do a c-section on Wednesday or to induce if she happens to be head down.  I am holding out hope that she will flip around because I know what to expect from a natural delivery but I also keep telling myself that maybe a c-section is going to be the best way for her to get here safely.  I admit that I a freaking out a little bit but I am trying to be calm and accept things as they are.  Dave is in Las Vegas for a Calix Conference until Tuesday so that has been a source of stress too.  I know there are plenty of people that would help me if I go into labor while he is gone, but of course none of them would be the same as having Dave there. Stay tuned for how it all turns out!  We will meet her either way on Wednesday!


Haylie has been playing volleyball with Carbon Rec. They were placed on teams and then have one practice a week and play games once a week against Emery County teams.  The games are still pretty slow since the girls are all just learning the skills. but it has been fun to watch her progress and be involved in a sport.
Haylie in the middle back

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Zander's New Room Again

The Price area received record rainfall On September 22nd and 23rd of 2016.  Many people in the community had problems with flooding.  We did too.  We also have a lot of ground water that ended up seeping in later the next week after we thought the water troubles were over.  So now, the room that we just finished decorating for Zander to have downstairs is completely torn apart.  Dave is working on getting it repaired, but it is definitely frustrating to redo things that we just got done doing less than a month ago!  Mostly we need new sheet rock 2 feet up on two different walls and then a new carpet pad in a little less than half of the room.  We had flooding in that room last fall too and so we tore out the exact same section of carpet pad last year and replaced it.  Now it is getting replaced again!  I just have to concentrate my efforts on getting the baby's room ready upstairs or I get a little anxious thinking about all the work downstairs.  Luckily Dave is such a good guy!  He is really taking care of things downstairs with not much help from me!

The walkout basement door got flooded too!