Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sally Ann Holzer

In October we had a few days off of school so we decided to make a trip to Wyoming to visit Dave's family.  We hadn't seen his Grandma, Sally, (or Gram as we call her) in about 3 years so we wanted the kids to be able to see her and know who she was.  She played a big part in raising Dave and is an important part of his life.  The first full day we were there we went to the nursing home to visit her.  She looked better than she had in quite a while and absolutely LOVED seeing the kids.  Dave's sister, Dawn, had her daughter, Alexa, there too so all of her great grandchildren were there.  We visited until she grew tired and the children were getting restless.  That night, right before we went to bed, the nursing home called to tell us that Gram had tried to get up to go to the bathroom without waiting for help and fell.  She sustained quite a few injuries, including some bleeding in her brain.  We spent the rest of our visit there with Dave spending time with her in the hospital and me staying with the kids.  We didn't want them to see her all banged up since we had just had a great visit with her.  The morning we left we stopped at the hospital on our way out of town so Dave could stop in one last time.  He went in and came out a few minutes later saying she was asking to see the kids.  This was about the first time she had been awake and coherent of what was going on since her fall.  We unloaded the kids and went in.  She was a little confused and very tired but she looked at each of the children and talked to us a little bit.  We all gave her a hug good bye and headed out of town.  That was one of the last times she was coherent.  Dave's parents called the next week and told us that Gram had passed away.  I am so thankful for the prompting we had to go to Wyoming in the first place.  It isn't an easy trip to make.  I am thankful that my children got to visit with Gram and that she got to see them.  She was such a positive influence in Dave's life.  What a tender mercy to be allowed to visit her one last time.  Love you, Gram!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bubble bath

One of the kids favorite things to do is to fill up the jetted tub, throw on their swimming suits and have a party in the bubbles!

Haylie's bike riding

This is definitely old news at this point for anyone reading the blog but I am determined to get caught up on my posts so that I can continue to make blog books.  Haylie has always been very cautious.  When she was a toddler she wouldn't even go under a table to get a toy for fear of hitting her head.  So, as you can imagine,  getting her to have the confidence to ride her bike without her training wheels was quite a feat. Last July, she got a new bike and we didn't tell her it came with training wheels. She caught on right away but still wanted someone to walk or run beside her just in case.  We live across the street from church with a nice parking lot that is empty most of the time so we spend a lot of time over there doing bicycle practice.