Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Zander's 3rd Birthday

Zander turned three on the 10th of April. It fell on Sunday this year and I have been so busy with teaching that we decided not to have a friend party. Instead we took a trip over the mountain and took the kids to a place called Jump On It. It has a bunch of trampolines lined up together with all of the springs covered. The kids jumped all over the place and exhausted themselves. We also ran some much needed errands and went out to eat at Dickey's BBQ. It was funny because we ordered the large family platter because we wanted some leftovers but we weren't prepared for the quantity of each item that we got. I am sure people around us were gawking at the amount of food. It was a fun day spending the day with each other and having a little change of pace. The only down side was that it took us an extra hour on the trip home since we had to crawl through the canyon in the middle of the snow storm.
On the day of Zander's birthday we had cake and he got to open his presents. He got a motorcycle that he can ride and push with his feet, a kung zhu pet to go with Haylie's zhu zhu pet, a block set, a bubble blowing car and some money.
He insisted that he wanted a train cake that had chocolate frosting and was a triangle shape. I tried to talk him into a rectangle or circle cake but he is a very stubborn little boy and I knew if wasn't like he had envisioned it there would be trouble. Thus we have the triangle train cake. It wasn't minty as you might think and it is kind of strange looking, but it sure made the birthday boy happy.

He was very excited to have a card that played the chicken dance when you opened it. He even chose to bring it for sharing day at the day care.

Zander has always had a great sense of humor, even from the time he was a baby. He likes trains and blocks and playing whatever game Haylie makes up. He seems to be asserting his power by refusing to eat anything we call dinner and refusing to even think about going potty in the toilet. He likes to play trapeze with Dad and Super Mario Brothers on the Wii with Mom (he is Luigi). Lately when he is asked what he wants to eat or what he ate at daycare he responds with a made up word. His favorite made up word is ba blister. Don't ask me what it means. We have been so blessed to have this funny little boy in our lives. He keeps us on our toes with his insistance on things being exactly what he has in mind, but we sure do love him!
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