Sunday, April 13, 2014

Extra Boys

This is what our house looks like several afternoons a week.  We get neighbor boys who stop by to play.  Twins, Will and Coleman Hinckley, live around the corner and come over a few times a week.   One of the twins is in the picture along with Zander, and Grant and Grayson Sherman, from a family that we swap babysitting and are good friends with. It is fun to have good friends nearby!!

Jazz Game

Emery Telcom provided tickets for employees and their families who wanted to go to a Utah Jazz Basketball game in Salt Lake.  We decided to take the kids up to the game.  It was a fun time.  They weren't that interested in the basketball game but had fun with the shows and contests at timeouts and at halftime.  They also enjoyed the extremely overpriced popcorn and Dippin' Dots!

Watch Out for Flying Trampolines!

Price boasts some extremely high winds from time to time.  One day this January our trampoline became a victim of the high winds.  It hit a rain gutter on our house before blowing up onto Dave's truck and eventually coming to a stop out in the road.  I held on to it out in the road until Dave could come from work to help secure.  Thanks to some kind neighbors, Dave and Jan Cox, for helping us in incredibly cold winds, we got the net off the trampoline and laid the it upside down until the winds died down enough to turn it back over.  Unfortunately, the net didn't survive the ordeal but the trampoline is still in good shape.  The weird thing is that it costs more to replace the net that to just get the whole trampoline and net together.