Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lazy Summer Days

We LOVE summer!  I love it for the same reason the kids do...NO SCHOOL!  It is so nice to feel like there is time to get things done and not just be running around taking care of the next thing that has to be done and doing it half way.  This summer we went on a few trips but mostly stuck around at home.  Here are some shots of the happenings of summer.

Demolitions Derby!

Chillin' on deck

Haylie finally braving the diving board and loving it!
Swimming Lessons

A much appreciated fence!


On the Emery Telcom parade float on the 4th of July

4th of July drinks

Jumping on the trampoline in pajamas

Growing a garden

So much fun!!  I can hardly wait for another one! I love this cute little family of mine!


In June, Haylie's lifelong dream of being a dog owner was realized.  We picked up an 8 week old puppy from a rescue organization.  She was the smallest in a litter of six.  Her foster family gave her the name of Miki, but we renamed her Charlotte.  She is a basenji/dachshund mix.  We have all taken quite a liking to her even if she is still very much a curious and naughty puppy.  We are hoping she will grow out of it soon.  Charlotte is very friendly and also very smart.  She has even learned how to open our doors using the lever style handles! It is a pretty neat trick, but it makes it hard to keep her out of trouble when she can open closed doors!
Our first meeting with Charlotte and her littermates.  She and one other were the only black pups.

Haylie's first time to hold her.  We saw all the puppies online and Dave and I were partial to the other ones but Haylie wanted this one from the start.  After we saw them she knew that was the one she wanted.

Taking her home!

A shot right after she got home.  She got spayed and taken to her new home all on the same day so she was exhausted

A couple months old.  As she was teething her ears did all kinds of crazy things.

8 months old.  Using a sock monkey as a pillow.  Her ears finally figured out how to stand up.