Friday, January 10, 2014

GRASS!! Well...almost.

We had hydroseed sprayed on our lawn in early September and it got a little bit of a chance to grow before the weather turned.  We were also busy over the summer with building a deck,  putting in a sprinkler system, getting curbing and shoveling a BUNCH of gravel!  This was all in between 2 trips to Wyoming and a Trip to Arizona!  No wonder the summer flew by!

Sleeping Out on the Tampoline

Before school started we picked a warm night and camped out on the trampoline.  It was difficult to get high enough above the sleepers to get a good picture.  We formed kind of a wagon wheel with our feet in the middle so that we could (kind of) avoid ending up in a huge pile in the middle of the trampoline. The kids had been looking forward to it for a long time and were very excited to do it.

It's funny that in by way behind blogging I came to this story because this afternoon this same trampoline got picked up in a huge windstorm and first landed on Dave's truck and then made its way out to the street!  So sad!  I think the trampoline will be okay but the net around it got destroyed.  Dave's truck took a few hits too.  We will have to come up with a way to anchor it down before we set it up again I guess.

Happy Birthday to me!

I had a landmark birthday this past August.  Let's just say I am at the top looking down on 40!  I had a fun day spending it with some of my favorite people.

First day of School

Here are the kids on their actual first day of school.  Kindergarten starts a week later than the other grades at the school so this year, they started school on different days.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Back to School

Haylie went into 2nd grade this year and Zander went into kindergarten.  I can't believe how big they are getting.  Both of them are thriving in school and love it.  We had some profession pictures taken that turned out SO cute!

Visit to Grandma and Grandpa Oberholtzer's House

We have made a tradition over the past few summers since we have lived in Price for the kids and I to go visit grandma and grandpa without any other cousins.  It has become something I really look forward to doing and having the time for my kids to get to know my parents.  Usually we go over the 4th of July but since the reunion was so close to the 4th we went at the beginning of August instead.  While we were there we went to Willard Bay and enjoyed the beach and water.  Haylie got so comfortable in her life jacket that she worked her way clear out to one of the buoys.  She was too tired to swim back though.  Luckily I could touch the bottom all the way out because I couldn't have swam that far out to get her!  That night when we got home, my parent's neighbors came and told us there was a rattlesnake in their yard.  My dad and his neighbor worked together with shovels to kill it.  It made us all a little on edge for the rest of the visit whenever we were outside. I am glad we live relatively close to my parents and that we can make those trips to visit.  I wish it was a little closer...although I think my kids would try to move right in if we lived any closer.  They love going there.

The dreaded snake.

Still moving in the bucket

Enjoying the sand

Haylie out in the water in her life jacket next to some random strangers

Here is a kid that has had his share of fun in the mud and sand!

Family Reunion

This year's Oberholtzer Family Reunion took us back to Laramie, Wyoming, where I grew up.  We camped out at Lake Owen, one of our favorite places to camp when were were growing up.  We fished in the lake, went on raft rides, ate tons of delicious food and just had a fantastic time renewing bonds with family members.  On the last day of the reunion we broke camp and traveled to Laramie for a fun "Amazing Race" type game that took us to many of the places I frequented when I lived there.  We got to see our old house, our old elementary school, and the store that used to be Baskin Robbins (where all five of us kids worked in high school).  It had been 7 years since I have been there so it was interesting to go back.  As usual, the annual reunion was a great time that leaves me feeling a tad bit homesick when it's over.
The crew after 2 days of camping

Playing in the mud with the cousins

Hanging out around camp

More hanging around

We got to Laramie before we went to Lake Owen so we got a pizza from Papa John's and ate it at La Bonte Park.  The kids wanted to take this feather but we settled for a picture of it.