Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweet Haylie

These days Haylie is usually a trial of my patience. We don't know any kids in Price yet for her to play with and I overloaded her with buddies during the last few weeks we were in Boise since she went somewhere to play nearly everyday while I packed. So now she wants a playmate every second and she has decided that her best excuse for not obeying is "You know I am just a kid, mom!"
So today she did the sweetest thing and her recent behavior made it even sweeter. I had a bad day today, I was up in the night with Zander, and Dave was in Moab working until 3 in the morning so I had to deal with that alone. I was tired, overwhelmed with everything and just...frustrated. I let a few tears fall and Haylie came up with a doll burp cloth and started wiping my eyes and saying "there is no reason to be sad, do you miss your friends in Boise?" Then she started bringing all kinds of things into my bedroom and set up things for me to do or look at to make me happy. She had a book I am reading, my volleyball, a baby toy for music to listen to, a baby picture of her, a little family picture, some stuffed animals, and infant tylenol in case I started to feel sick. Then she said, "you can take a nap or have an early bedtime and use all of these things, ok?" and I said , "who will watch Zander?" and she said, "I'll watch him" then she pushed me in the room and shut the door. I could hear her close the bathroom door so Zander couldn't get in there and unroll the toilet paper and then she followed him around for a few minutes until I decided I better resume my parenting role.
What a sweet little girl I have. I know that it must be challenging for her to adjust to this new place, but she was so thoughtful. Each thing that she brought in was so carefully thought out. I will have a huge mess to clean off the bed before I go to sleep tonight but it will definitely be worth it. I even took her for some ice cream tonight. Can you believe there is a Cold Stone Creamery in Price, UT?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It is not the end of the world...I think I can see it though.

We made it to Price, Utah. The town is not as bad as I thought it would be. Trying to fit our belongings into less than half the house that we had in Boise is frustrating but I am working on it. I guess I was too busy packing in Boise to even think about leaving but the night we got here the reality of the situation really hit me. I absolutely LOVED everything about living in Boise and all of the sudden it was gone. I was beginning to think that I just couldn't do it and then, I was reminded that the Lord will carry our burdens for us. I prayed that I would be able to deal with all of the emotions I was feeling and have a positive attitude. Just like that I felt the strength I needed to get me through that day. The hymn Count Your Blessings came to my mind and I have tried to remember those words when I have felt like my situation is completely horrible. There are many challenges to this move but I do have much to be grateful for. I have to work to find some silver lining as I am cramming our belongings in to every space I can find and hand washing the dishes since we have no dishwasher here. One day at a time, sometimes that is all you can do. I am sure someday we will look back and say"remember that rental we had when we moved to Price?" I guess I should just work on making some fun memories! I will post some pictures once we get all the boxes out of the way to take them.