Monday, March 22, 2010

Zander's Surgery

In my last post I wrote that nothing worth posting had been happening but I forgot that I hadn't posted that Zander had surgery on February 1st. Since he was a newborn he has had a hydrocele, which is fluid on the testicle. His doctor told us that it would go away by the time he was about a year old. It wasn't going away and was causing him pain sometimes.

We took him to Primary Children's in Salt Lake where Dr. Cartwright explained that he had a communicating hydrocele which means the fluid was moving back and forth between his abdomen and his testicles because the tube that the testicles come down when he was a fetus never closed off. So we scheduled surgery and the doctor told us that while they were doing the surgery they would check the other side to see if it need repaired as well. It did, so they repaired it and now he has two nice looking scars to show for it.

We couldn't have asked for a better boy for the whole process. Haylie stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Oberholtzer's house the night before the surgery and Dave and Zander and I stayed with my brother Darin in West Jordan. I was worried because Zander couldn't have anything to eat or drink the morning of the surgery and he is kind of a stickler for his morning milk. He didn't seem to care too much and luckily there were plenty of toys and other things to see at the hospital once we got there so he wasn't thinking about being hungry. The surgery took about 45 minutes and then they let one of us go back to see him. I went back and he was just waking up when I got back there and he was pretty upset. He was disoriented and nothing would help until Dave came back with his blankie and Rufus (his stuffed dog). I should have thought to bring those with me to begin with!

We left the hospital less than an hour later and he wanted to get down and walk in the parking lot. He only took his pain medication 3 or 4 times. He was a little sore but otherwise you would have never known he had just had surgery. What a resilient little guy! He sure looked cute in his little hospital jammies!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bowling and Mohawks

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. We haven't really been doing anything that I felt was worthy of a post on the blog. Life is kind of dull here at times, but we try to have some fun. This past Saturday we decided to take the kids bowling. We took them a few weeks ago but I didn't bring a camera last time. Everyone had a good time. We weren't on a lane with bumpers so I am glad that neither of the kids care if they knock pins down or not. Zander was shaking with excitement because at this bowling alley the balls are returned above ground so you can see them roll all the way back. After we got home Dave decided to give Zander a haircut. We had been noticing that his hair naturally stands up in the middle and lays down more on the sides so he had a bed head/mohawk look no matter how you combed it. Dave decided to give him a real mohawk since that is how his hair wants to lay anyway. It looks pretty cute for a mohawk. We will see how long it stays.