Saturday, June 2, 2012

The House that Dave Built

When we moved to Price we expected to live in our apartment for about 6 months while we sold our house in Boise and then purchased a house in Price.  Things never work out like you think they will and we ended up being in our apartment for 3 years, still owning our home in Boise, and building a house here in Price.  Dave was the general contractor for the project and also did a good share of the work.  It has been a long road from the saving money for the down payment to finally getting moved in, but we are here and it's wonderful!

I have several pictures of the process that I wanted to get on here.  I will have to take some pictures of all the rooms now that they are finished and post them in another post.  We have been cramming a bunch of things into our lives that have made it difficult to get everything put away and decorated.  We moved in on a Friday, hosted dinner club the next evening, then drove the next weekend to Salt Lake to pick up Haylie's new bed.  I hosted book club somewhere in there and emptied  and sifted through a storage unit full of junk.  This was all before school got out.  I have spent the first week of summer prepping for a garage sale that we held today, and now it is on to getting ready to house around 20 family members for next weekend's family reunion that we are in charge of.  The weekend after that we will have Dave's parents here for a visit.  WOW!  No wonder I am so tired!  Anyway, on to the pictures of the house as a project.

Zander watching the back hoe

Starting early annoying the neighbors with a 5am concrete pour.  They were trying to beat the rain.

Basement floor poured. Around September

Framed and ready for shingles on the roof.  November.

Looking out Zander's future bedroom window

That is a lot of trusses!

This was a slow part of the construction because nothing changed visually for a long time while Dave was hard at work running the electrical, and the plumbers and HVAC people got everything ready to go. This photo was taken in December.

Installing kitchen cabinets

Newly tiled master bath

The kids campout.  They were good sports to hang out while we worked.

Partially done gas fireplace in the family room

Hanging cabinets

The ugly railing Dave built to pass the inspection for our certificate of occupancy.  It has already been torn down and turned into a workbench for the garage.  We are waiting on the iron railings to be installed.