Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nine Mile Canyon

About a week after everyone left following the reunion, Grandpa Art and Grammy Patty came for a visit.  They brought their cute little dogs, Buddy and Maggie, which the kids thought was great.  While they were here we took them to Nine Mile Canyon.  It is a canyon not too far from Price that has tons of petroglyphs.  We hadn't ever been before so it was a great opportunity.  The entire road was under construction which meant that the signs telling us where to find each site were down so it was a little bit of a wild goose chase.  It was fascinating when we did find them though.  We were glad to have a chance to visit in the car with Art and Patty, and happy they made the long drive to come see us and our new home.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oberholtzer Family Reunion

This year it was our turn to host the Oberholtzer family reunion.  I look forward to this every year because we always have a great time together.  It is getting a little more tricky to plan as the family gets bigger and the ages are so varied.  The best part about planning it is knowing that your turn won't come around for a few years! The reunion began in Moab where we stayed the night at a hotel and then had a fun time hiking around Arches National Park.  Those of us coming from this side of Moab went down early and stopped at Dead Horse Point State Park before continuing on to Moab.  We met up with the rest of the family and had dinner on the lawn of the hotel and then enjoyed a nice dip in the pool.  

The next morning we loaded up and went into Arches.  It was a fun activity and nice for a group with such varied hiking abilities.  Everyone was able to do as much or as little as they wanted.  It was mid-afternoon when we finished up in the park and then we all came back to Price for Big Don's Pizza and relaxing.  It was fantastic to have enough room to host everyone.  I am so grateful for our home! 

The next day was more centered on the theme of the reunion which was a boot camp.  We had activities in the field behind the school that I teach at since we don't have a yard yet.  There was an obstacle course, a hunt for wounded soldiers (green army men), and my favorite, a marshmallow gun war.  I hope everyone had a great time I know I did even if I did collapse and take a 2 and a half hour nap the day after everyone left.  I am so grateful for the wonderful family bond we share.  It doesn't seem to matter what we are doing, this reunion is always a blast.  What a wonderful blessing to have my siblings as some of my closest friends.  Love you guys!

Darin and crew at Dead Horse Point 

Nice view of Dead Horse Point State Park

Janelle, Afton and Haylie in the pool at the hotel

Digging in the red dirt

On a short hike to an arch.


More hiking

Finding some shade

At Sand Dune Arch

Dave and Zander on a big rock

Every was so tired on the way home!

And after we got home!  Tired enough to use a bum as a pillow!
My cute niece Afton at the Marshmallow war

Zander going through part of the obstacle course

Discussing strategies of war.

Brother in Law JD eyeing his target

Learning how to use the gun

My dad waiting to assaulted with marshmallows by the firing squad.