Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last week Dave worked 57 1/2 hours. That is 17 1/2 extra hours that I am by myself with the kids. This morning I dropped Dave off at the airport to fly to Florida for a weeks worth of training. Again a week where I am playing the role of single parent. It is times like these that I realize just how much Dave does for me and the kids everyday. Sometimes I get caught up in the monotony of the tasks of every day that I start thinking that I am doing everything to care for the kids. So, as much as I don't enjoy being on my own, I am grateful for the opportunity every now and then so that I can appreciate again what a great father my children have. He is a great teacher, makes a wonderful jungle gym, and loves to spend time with our family. Thank you Dave! We love you and miss you when you are gone.