Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Brain

At Castle Heights, the school where Haylie attends and I teach, they have a program called the Great Brain.  Kids can choose a topic to learn more about outside of school and then prepare a presentation on their topic outlining their research to present to their class  Haylie decided she wanted to do one this year in kindergarten and chose penguins as her topic.  It was a little slow in getting started because most of last year was super busy with the house building and everything else.  We finally got our act together and Haylie presented hers during the last week of kindergarten.  I had her take notes on the books we read about penguins, choose pictures to include in the presentation including some hand drawn ones, and type most of the words on the power point.  It was a great learning experience and she did a great job of presenting and answering questions asked by her class.  Afterwards she was presented with an award and certificates for free items at businesses around town.  Great Job Haylie!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zander's 4th Birthday

Zander turned 4 on April 10th.  We had a small family party on the day of his birthday and then he had his first friend party the following Saturday.  He doesn't know a whole lot of kids that are his age.  It always seems like we know a lot more people with kids Haylie's age.  Anyway, we rounded up a few friends and everyone had a great time at his Jake and the Neverland Pirates party.  The guests were Grant Sherman, Molly Staley, Kaden Butler, Thomas Baric, and Haylie. We played some pirate games including Toss the Coin and X marks the spot, had cake and ice cream and, of course, opened gifts.

Learning how to run the remote control dump truck he got for his birthday.

The pirate cake.  I was impressed with myself with this one because I only had about 15 minutes to decorate it.

Playing Toss the Coin

Waiting for cake
Zander is a wonderful part of our family.  He has a fantastic sense of humor and a kind heart.  He loves Angry Birds, Mario, and watching sprinklers.  He also loves to eat fruit and vegetables.  He can be pretty stubborn at times (like potty training) but we love this little guy SO much!  Happy Birthday Zander, we love you!


Grandma and Grandpa Oberholtzer came down over Easter weekend this year to help with the house and see the kids.  It was fun making Easter treats and coloring eggs.  On Easter Sunday we went to church and then later in the afternoon hunted for eggs and Easter baskets.  This is also the last holiday we spent in the apartment.  When I look back at pictures of that place I am reminded of how small it was!  We had stuff jammed everywhere.  I am so grateful for the new house!!

Making Twinkie chicks in nests.

Chubby little rooster created by Haylie

Grandma O helping with Easter egg coloring

Zander hunting for eggs

Haylie on the hunt

Baskets Found!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Haylie decided she would like to play soccer this spring.  So we signed her up and then they called the next week looking for coaches.  I was just crazy enough to say yes.  We both learned a lot about soccer and Haylie was a lot more confident with her mom as the coach.  They play 3 vs 3 so they were lots of opportunities for everyone to kick the ball.  The coaches are on the field during the game to help guide everyone in the right direction.  Since I was on the field every game and Dave was usually working on the house I don't have too many pictures.  These were taken during the one game I couldn't be there for so someone filled in as the coach and Dave was there and snapped a few shots.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Paint Sprayer

Here's what happens when you paint a house with a paint sprayer.  Fun Times!

Haylie's Missing Tonsils

Luckily we aren't sad that we are missing a pair of tonsils.  Haylie's tonsils were almost touching each other in the back of her throat.  It was causing some LOUD snoring as well as sleep apnea.  We visited Dr. Ence in Payson and he removed them in February at the Central Utah Surgical Center.  As you would expect she was very groggy and grumpy after she woke up from the surgery.  She made a speedy recovery though.  We are amazed at how quietly she sleeps now and also how much better she focuses at school now that she can get a good night's sleep.