Sunday, February 26, 2017

Newborn Days

I keep thinking about what a shame it is that I can't enjoy the newborn stage more.  I seemed to be in a fog of exhaustion and hormones.  Harper really was a sweet little newborn baby.  She was so tiny for so long.  I was breastfeeding her but I don't think I was making enough milk for her.  Once I started supplementing her with a couple of extra ounces of formula at every feeding she really started to gain some ounces, and get some fat rolls and chubby cheeks!  Here a few pictures of her that show her progression over the first couple of months of her life.
Dec. 7, 2016
Dec. 9

Dec. 19
Dec. 21
Dec. 25
Jan. 8
 Jan. 10

Jan. 31

Feb. 7
Feb. 9 (In some pajamas that Haylie wore too!)

Feb. 25
Feb. 26 (4 months old)