Monday, April 30, 2012

The end of an era

I can't believe that I have time to actually sit down post this because the past little while has been insanely busy.  I am glad I do have some time thought because we are moving out of our apartment this week.  The same apartment we moved into almost 3 years ago and said it will do for 6 months or so until our house in Boise sells.  Well, after 3years of washing dishes by hand, and dodging extremely creaky floors, we still haven't sold our Boise home, but we managed to build a beautiful home here.  I am definitely ready to move on from this apartment, although I do feel a little nostalgic as I look back over the 3 years we have lived here.  Most of Zander's life and almost half of Haylie's has been spent living here.  Haylie was 3 and Zander was 14 months old when we moved here and we have had a lot of good memories here.  I imagine I will look back to these times with fondness even though at the time fond was not the word I would have used.  I am ready to make new memories in our new home.  It makes our time in Price seem more permanent to be moving into our own home.  For now, this is where we are and we might as well be happy.  Building the house has been a long road.  I am excited for it to end and for life to slow down a bit.  With a little luck, Thursday night will be the first night in our new home!!