Monday, February 17, 2014

Halloween 2013

This Halloween I had a chance to hone my sewing skills.  I sewed both of the kids costumes with turned out pretty cool.  Haylie wanted to be a parrot and Zander wanted to be a Ninja Turtle.  Dave was in Vegas for training for most of the week before Halloween.  I was actually supposed to go with him but figuring out what to do with the kids was a problem as well and getting those darn costumes done in time.  We talked to Dave via Google Hangout each night and showed him the progress on the costumes.  We missed his intricate pumpkin designs while carving pumpkins but were very glad he was back in time for the big night.


The kids and I have a few days off in October so we decided to take a trip to Boise.  My sister Alyson and her family live there as well as some awesome friends from the 9 years we spent living there.  The kids did awesome on the long car trip.  They listened to a few audio books and hardly said a word the entire time because they were so engrossed in the stories. Haylie and Zander both love to play with their Harwood cousins so they were off on a thousand adventures with them the minute we walked in the door.  We took them to the zoo and I got to go out to dinner with Laura, Kristi, Jenn, and Kim, some of the greatest friends a girl could ask for.  It is always fun to go back and see places that used to be so familiar, and see people that are so important to me.
The first time seeing our old house since we sold it.  

Some monkeys looking at the monkeys and their babies.

Haylie and her cousin and,as she has proclaimed, best friend, Rylan.

Somewhere I have pictures of these guys on this tiger as babies.

On the Komoto dragon

What's the Boise Zoo without a trip down the giraffe slide?