Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 years!

One of our engagement pictures

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. It is amazing to think that 10 years have passed! We definitely have had struggles and trials along with lots of good times. We have had arguments that have made me wonder what in the world I was doing married to someone so stubborn (of course it is never me being stubborn...). We have suffered the heartache of a miscarriage and the uncertainty of job loss. We have shared the birth of two beautiful children, fun times, and countless laughs. I couldn't comprehend 10 years ago how much a part of me Dave would become. Each of these struggles and triumphs bind us together a little more until I can't imagine who I would be if I didn't share my life with Dave. I am grateful for the life that I live and the great husband I have to live it with. He is a fabulous handyman, mechanic, computer repairman, father, and friend. I anxiously wait every day for the sweet sound of a motorcycle turning in the driveway. My best friend is back from work! I am no longer outnumbered by the kids!! The challenges of the day seem to fade a little. I love you Dave! Thanks for 10 years worth of memories. I look forward to many eternity's worth!

Dave's birthday this year

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Moab with the Buhlers

Our awesome friends, the Buhlers, came down from Boise on June 2nd. It was so fun to get to hang out with them again. We seemed to pick up right where we left off. We spent the evening of the second at our apartment and then got up on the morning of the 3rd and headed for Moab. We didn't see much of Dave and Spenser because they were busy mountain biking and jeeping for most of the time we were there. Laura and I spent the first day just trying to stay cool and keep the kids out of dirt and trouble. This spring has been very chilly and the first warm days were the days we spent in Moab so we were definitely not expecting 95 and 100 degree weather. We were camping at the KOA in Moab and were very grateful for their swimming pool. That was how we kept cool the first day. The evening of the first day we decided that we were not going to survive another day of hanging around the campground waiting for the guys so the next day we went to a quirky little place called The Hole N the Rock. It is a house that was built inside the side of a mountain a few miles outside of Moab. They give tours of it which was interesting and then we went to a petting zoo that was across the parking lot from it. The kids loved feeding the animals but there wasn't much shade so we didn't last too long there. In the afternoon when we figured the kids would all be ready for a nap we strapped them in the car and drove through Arches National Park. It was spectacular to see even if we couldn't get out and hike to some of the viewpoints since we had four zonked out kids in the truck with us. At least there was air conditioning! On Friday evening we came back to Price and then headed to Ogden on Saturday to visit the Treehouse Museum and then spent the night at my parents house in Perry before Dave had to fly out to Florida for training and the Buhlers had to head home. We love you Buhler Family!!! Next time we will have to do the traveling to get together! Unfortunately our camera was not working very well so I didn't get many pictures, just a new camera for next time!

Brooklyn, Haylie, Zander, and Isaiah.
Kids getting filthy.
Women doing the work...where are the guys? Taking a picture of the kids getting dirty while their wives make them breakfast!

Haylie's preschool program

Haylie and Miss Tawnya. (I am not sure why Haylie has that look on her face.)

Haylie finished her first year at the Munchkin Manor Preschool this May. She had a fantastic year there learning lots of new things. She is excited to go back for another year before she will be old enough to go to kindergarten. She has already talked about being excited to help other kids learn the rules next year since she will have already been there for a year. The preschool had an end of the year program where the kids sang some of the songs that they had learned during the year and each child was spotlighted by sharing some of their favorite things. She did a great job. We are very proud of her!