Sunday, March 22, 2009

My New Job

I can't believe how my life has been completely transformed over the past three weeks. I also have learned again that sometimes the plans we have for our lives are not the plans that God has for us. He always provides for us though. After Dave lost his job I applied for a few things that would have helped out but none that I was really excited to do. Then last Saturday my friend Rebecca from my teaching and coaching days in Wilder called me up out of the blue. She is the secretary at Lewis and Clark Elementary in Caldwell now. She told me that the principal was getting desparate for an extended day Kindergarten teacher and she told him that she would call me but didn't think I would want to do it because I was staying home with my kids. Talk about perfect timing! Their possiblities for the job kept falling through and Rebecca thought of me and called a week and a half after Dave got laid off. I am so grateful for this blessing! I am already sad to think of leaving my kiddies here everyday but I know that they have a great daddy who takes great care of them.

So I guess I am back to driving (not quite as far) everyday to get to my full time job and working with a bunch of little Spanish speaking kindergartners. I have a special place in my heart for those little kids already from my teaching time in Wilder. It is only until the end of the school year and then hopefully Dave will have landed a new job and we can get back to normal...whatever that is. I imagine this will be the last time I will have the time to post on my blog for a while between school and Primary and being mommy. I better go dig out all that teaching stuff I have been storing in the attic!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Dave came home from work last Tuesday at about 9:30 am. I was surprised and happy to see him until he told me he had been laid off. What a shock! I couldn't believe it. Over this last week I have really been humbled. It is a reminder that things can happen in the blink of an eye. To not know what is next is a very unsettling feeling, and I feel grateful that we have been fortunate for so long to have good employment. I know Dave can do just about any job he puts his mind to. Hopefully an employer will see the same thing! I am trying to look at the bright side...I got to take Haylie to storytime on Wednesday and Friday at the library because Dave was here for Zander to take a nap. Usually we don't go because it is always right when Zander wants to be asleep.

Dave has applied for every job he can find open, and I have even applied for a few too. We are hoping and praying that he will find something soon. I am grateful for the humbling and for the way it has made Dave and I grow closer. That is one of the best parts of most of the challenges we have faced together. We are headed out to Wyoming today to visit Dave's grandma. Her heart is not doing so well. Dave is really not having a good week. No job and a sick grandma.

On the bright side, Zander is 11 months old today. He can crawl around now and has started thinking about pulling himself up to stuff. We finally had to move the crib down because he was getting up on his knees in there. He loves to throw balls or any small toy really. If it is a ball he will throw it, crawl after it and then throw it again. He usually throws with his left hand...maybe he will take after me!