Sunday, September 17, 2017

Zander's 9th Birthday

Zander turned 9 on April 10th.  We opened presents as a family and he had a few friends over for a Pokemon party.  Each friend brought their own Pokemon cards and they had a fantastic tournament.  Then Haylie make a game for them to hunt Pokemon in the backyard. It was one of the easiest birthday parties I have every thrown!  I am in disbelieve that Zander is 9 already!  He is such a fun addition to our family.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Big Brothers and Sisters are the Best!

I love these pictures of each of the bigger kids reading with Harper!  The added love and affection that having Harper in our home has created has been awesome!  She is one lucky girl to have such wonderful siblings!

March Happenings

Harper had some exciting times adventures during the month of March!  She had some tummy time with Charlotte the dog, nap time with Uncle Darin, and bundled up for one of her first runs with mom.

Fishing at the Pack Meeting

Zander is in Cub Scouts and in March, the pack meeting was a fishing night.  It was a really windy evening but Haylie and Zander were both able to catch a couple of fish.  Everyone had a fun night, though Harper and I spent a good bit if it in the truck out of the wind.

Living Planet Aquarium

We decided to take a day in February and get out of Price.  Usually when we go "up north" it's to go shopping or do some errand that the kids don't really enjoy but for this trip we decided to just do something together and not worry about any of the things that needed to be done.  We had a great time! Harper is such and easy going baby! Every time we plan something like this I wonder how it will go with a baby.  It always ends up going great because she just goes with the flow.  I love this wonderful family!!

Junior Jazz Basketball

Zander had the opportunity to play Junior Jazz basketball this year.  He had a wonderfully patient coach who helped him to learn about the game and learn some new skills.  He wasn't the best player out there but he certainly always had a smile on his face and always did his best!  Go Zander!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Newborn Days

I keep thinking about what a shame it is that I can't enjoy the newborn stage more.  I seemed to be in a fog of exhaustion and hormones.  Harper really was a sweet little newborn baby.  She was so tiny for so long.  I was breastfeeding her but I don't think I was making enough milk for her.  Once I started supplementing her with a couple of extra ounces of formula at every feeding she really started to gain some ounces, and get some fat rolls and chubby cheeks!  Here a few pictures of her that show her progression over the first couple of months of her life.
Dec. 7, 2016
Dec. 9

Dec. 19
Dec. 21
Dec. 25
Jan. 8
 Jan. 10

Jan. 31

Feb. 7
Feb. 9 (In some pajamas that Haylie wore too!)

Feb. 25
Feb. 26 (4 months old)