Friday, February 3, 2012

Haylie's 6th Birthday

Haylie turned 6 on December 1st. On the day of her birthday she chose to go to JB's for dinner (I know, real classy). She loves to get the salad bar there and then load up on hard boiled eggs and cottage cheese. After dinner she opened her presents from the family and then on the 3rd we had a friend party for her. It was a Littlest Pet Shop Party which is by far Haylie's favorite thing to play with so it was perfect for her. Everyone had a great time. My favorite part was watching Haylie make sure that Zander was treated as a party guest too by making sure he had everything that we gave out. Although she has her moments (don't we all) she can be so sweet to him.
Haylie is really growing up! She is becoming more and more able to do things by herself (although she still insists on help occasionally). She is extremely curious about the world and questions everything. Usually I am the type of person that just accepts things for what they are but she keeps me thinking with the curious questions she is always asking. She also is very considerate of other feelings for a 6 year old. We had a great time celebrating with her this year and are very glad she is a part of our family.

Tearing into the Littlest Pet Shop Rescue Tails Center

A new coat complete with purple fur just like she asked for.

Haylie and her friends playing with her Littlest Pet Shop Pets

The party guest decorating homes for their party favor pets

Yet another Pet!

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