Saturday, December 3, 2011


It seems like there is never time to blog! Here is a run down of our Halloween this year. The 29th of October was my dad's 75th birthday so the kids and I decided to go up to surprise him along with Clint and Alyson and their family and Darin. Dave stayed home and worked on the house. He spends every free moment working on it and I appreciate him so much! Anyway, we carefully planned our arrival time in Perry so that we would all get there at the same time. We met at the Flying J near my parents house on the 28th. We got the kids in their Halloween costumes and then trick or treated to my parent's door. My dad was VERY suprised. We had a wonderful weekend together having a birthday/halloween party, playing games, and visiting. We came home on Sunday the 30th. On Halloween I make mummy faces and mummy fingers for dinner. The kids helped and didn't even recognize the faces as pizza until they tasted them and said they tasted like pizza. I used string cheese, olives and English muffins for the mummy faces and sliced up tortillas to wrap around Little Smokies for the fingers. I give each finger a dot of pizza sauce for the nail.

After dinner the kids and Dave got dressed up for trick or treating. I stayed back to answer the door for the 2 trick or treaters that came while they were gone. Dave kept saying he was thinking of shaving his head and being Charlie Brown for Halloween and on Monday morning he made good on his word. It is still working on growing back to its original length. At least we found out that if he every goes completely bald he has a pretty normal head under there! Zander was a robot for Halloween and Haylie was a black cat (of course). Our black cat, Sam, walked with them around the neighborhood.

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