Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As Thanksgiving approached this year, Dave and I debated where we should spend it. When we lived in Boise we spent several Thanksgivings at home but since moving to Price we have traveled to my parents house for a few reasons. It is pretty close by for one reason, and I HATE cooking big meals in our apartment with the extremely limited counter space. Not to mention my totally awesome family is fun to hang out with. This year we were torn because the days that Dave had off for the holiday was precious time that he could be working on the house. We finally decided that Dave would stay and work on the house and the kids and I would go to Perry for Thanksgiving. I felt bad for leaving him with a turkey loaf and only the cat to spend Thanksgiving with, but I was consoled by the fact that he would have driven himself crazy sitting around when work could be getting done. So that being decided, the kids and I loaded up on Wednesday afternoon and drove to Perry. We were joined by Alyson and her family as well as Darin for Thanksgiving day. Ryan and his family joined us later in the weekend after spending time with Arika's family.
My mom has a pillow with the quote, "Grandma's House...where cousins become friends". This couldn't be more true. Haylie and Zander love playing with their Harwood cousins. We just turn them loose downstairs and they have a fantastic time. Here they are in a tent they built using pool cues and blankets.

After a delicious meal on Thanksgiving and the traditional "December 1st" party on Friday, by Saturday we were all looking for some kind of activity to get us out of the house. We decided to ride the Front Runner to Salt Lake to see the lights on Temple Square along with every other person on the Wasatch Front. Talk about CRAZY!! We were just glad that we made it back to Grandma's house with everyone we started with and no extra children! We did learn a couple of things for the experience. First to choose a different night next time, and second to pack snacks!! The kids were very grateful to Aunt Arika and her well stocked diaper bag during the train ride home! Here are some shots of the family riding the train and a couple of the kids at the Church History Museum that we stopped in at. It has a cool interactive area for kids. We missed Dave but still had a great holiday weekend and Dave was happy to be able to have time to work on the house. I will have to post all about the house another time.

Haylie dancing with the Flamanco Dancers

Zander enjoying a meal with the missionaries
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