Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Every Day Life in Price

We have been slowly been getting used to living in Price. We have met a few new people and found fun things to do around our little apartment to keep us entertained. Zander had some money that he got for his birthday in April that we hadn't gotten around to spending yet. We decided to get a small sandbox that could go on our driveway on the side of the house. He has had a great time playing in it and so has Haylie. He doesn't know how to climb out of it yet so he just sits there and plays and plays and then he says his little word for "all done" when he wants to get out. So cute! I am not a huge fan of the constant layer of grit on the kitchen floor but seeing both of them enjoy it so much it's worth it.

We have been watching the neighborhood rabbits. Most of them are little brown ones but this one is either someone's pet or a domestic one that some one has let loose. It is about twice the size of the little brown ones but it just wonders around.

Sometimes we just hang out in jammies,
or sometimes we let Dad take us for a ride in the bike trailer.
When we really feel crazy we take a swim in our pool! We washed the car in the driveway and the water pooled up on the side of it. It started out as a little wading and ended in this. We felt really classy letting our kids play in muddy water off the car! They were having a ball!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is rough when you are the little brother

Zander is walking now and it has meant a change in the dynamics between him and Haylie. They chase each other around and I am a nervous wreck all day worrying that Zander is going to fall and get hurt. He loves it though and can take a pretty good hit before he starts to cry. Here is one of the hazards of having an older sister. Notice the lovely Disney Princess barrette in his hair.
Zander is now 15 months old and he is becoming more and more like a little boy instead of a baby it seems like as soon as he could stand up from the floor instead of crawling to something to pull up to that he grew up tons. He has been walking for about 3 weeks now. He also is saying lots of words. Some of his favorites are cheese, ball, fish, up, Haylie, dad, mom, stuck, sit, zip, and this morning when I asked Haylie the question I ask every morning, "What should we have for breakfast?", I was surprised when the answer I expected came from the wrong kid. Add cereal to the list! He is getting his own ideas about what he wants to do and when we doesn't get to do them he really can throw a fit. He had some good training from our professional in house fit thrower. He loves to climb the slide that is on Haylie's bed, and uses no caution at all when he gets on top of the bed so I have to either remove the slide or close the door to the room unless I want to stand by the bed all day. Life seems to never be dull with these to kids around. I love them so much, even when I want to scream! Here are some pictures that my niece Janelle took during our reunion in June. It is so nice to have a photographer in the family.

Zander was in serious need of some updated pics for the wall. Haylie claimed she was too busy to have her hair done for the pictures so she missed out.

My Mom and Dad and siblings

Haylie smelling the flowersHaylie and her cousin and good buddy Rylan in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Humble Abode

We are renting the end unit of a triplex in Price while we are waiting for our house in Boise to sell. It could be a while but we are hopeful that it won't be long since over half of our belongs are sitting in a storage unit. It is a little weird to go to less than half the space that we had in Boise, but I only have to clean one bathroom instead of three! It is not much but it is nice enough. Here are some pictures of it. I just realized I didn't take a picture of the outside, the kids room or playroom so I will post that later.

Family Room
Our Bedroom...Since that is a futon you can imagine it is rather small. We are getting a bed this weekend now that we can haul it in the truck.

Flattering pictures of the kitchen. Notice the absence of a dishwasher. She was taking the picture!!
The lone bathroom