Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"I am riding a bike!"

Haylie finally washed enough dishes to earn herself a new bike! Just kidding...she did have to earn it with good behavior but washing dishes isn't a chore for these kids! Both she and Zander love to wash the dishes. They both cry if they see I am doing it and they aren't getting to help.

Haylie earned a new bike by filled a jar up with "gems" that she gets when she does good things. The first day she got on it she kept saying, "I'm riding a bike!" She had some trouble remembering which way to push the pedals so as soon as she would say that she would put the brakes on and stop. It was funny and as you can see from the pictures, she is very proud of herself and even had no problems passing the trike on to Zander, who can't reach the pedals quite yet.
Zander on the tricycle.
Getting ready to ride!
"I'm riding a bike!"
Pure joy...
and satisfaction
Another action shot.
We bought the bike and helmet at about the same time we bought a backpack for Haylie to start preschool with. That was a big shock to realize that she is old enough to ride a two wheel bike and be getting ready for school. She starts preschool on the 8th of September. I will post up the details of how it goes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Late 4th of July

Left to right--Ethan Barlow,Haylie, Isaiah Buhler, Paige Barlow, Lexi Barlow, and Brooklyn Buhler

Zander being contemplative.
Blowing Bubbles
Duck, Duck, Goose!

I found these pictures and realized I should have written about this awhile ago. We were back in Boise over the 4th to get the rest of our things from our garage and also to pick up Dave's truck. It was perfect timing because we got to continue our tradition of hanging our with some of our favorite people for the holiday. I am pretty sure we will never find friends like the Buhlers and Barlows again. I love you guys!! We had a BBQ at Spenser and Laura's place, the kids played outside and we lit some fireworks. Haylie is afraid of everything that is loud so it was surprising that it was Zander cried and not Haylie during the fireworks. The trip was bitter sweet because the reality of the fact that we don't live there anymore really hit me and it made me sad. I have been really blessed to have great friends that are so much fun!