Sunday, November 20, 2016

Introducing Harper Lynn Holzer

We are a family of 5!  Harper Lynn was born on October 26, 2016.  Since she was breech, the plan was for me to go into the hospital that morning with the staff ready to do a c-section.  Dr. Bradshaw would try to flip the baby to have her going head down again with an external cephalic version.  It is when the doctor physical moves the baby from the outside.  Then, if she wouldn't move, we would go ahead with the c-section.  I wanted to feel like I had tried everything I could to deliver her naturally.  When my blood work came back, it showed that my platelets were too low to give me an epidural, which was needed for the external version.  I could opt for a spinal block to do the version but if she turned and I had to labor with her, the spinal block would wear off and I would be left with nothing since an epidural was out of the question. With knowledge of the low platelets, we decided to forgo the version, and move forward with the c-section.  It was kind of a traumatic experience for a girl who has never had surgery or broken a bone or anything.  I was glad I was awake to meet Harper, but it was unnerving to be awake during the procedure.  Once I was in the OR, there was some prep work to be done before Dave could come in.  I remember being so relieved when I finally saw him!  The spinal block made my blood pressure drop and that made me nauseous. I am thankful to to anesthesiologist who gave me something that fixed the nausea right away, and made me as comfortable as possible.  Dave was there on a stool right by my head, and stood up to see over the drape in time to see a leg, then a little bum, then another leg, followed by the rest of our sweet little girl.  They took her to the little cart they had for the nurses to check her out.  Dave went with her and then got to bring her to me so we could meet.  Then came the most painful part of the whole thing.  Getting my body parts put back inside me.  I also remember a terrible pain in my ribs where her head had been, and also in my collar bone, which apparently is common in abdominal surgeries.  Then the next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery room.  I am not sure why Harper turned head up at 36 weeks, but I feel strongly that with the platelet issue that we didn't know about, she saved me from some other complication that would have coming from laboring and delivering her.  I am so glad she is here safe, and that I am living during the time of amazing modern medicine.  Welcome to the world Harper Lynn!  My heart has been waiting for you for a long time!

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